We will need

32,150 new jobs

Our draft Plan focuses on transformative places including the University of Wollongong and Port Kembla, plus diversifying the economy in health, education and knowledge services.


We will require

45,000 more homes

Our draft Plan proposes a balanced share of new housing in existing urban areas and new greenfield areas, with sufficient capacity to meet demand to 2031.


We will identify

New Infrastructure

Our draft Plan outlines priorities to support housing and economic growth, road and rail infrastructure, public transport, new hospitals, new schools, and improved health services.



We will protect

our natural habitat

Our draft Plan takes a strategic approach to the protection of our natural environment, including native vegetation, threatened species and endangered ecological settlements.


We will secure

Resource lands

Our draft Plan acknowledges the contribution our agricultural and resource lands make to the economy, and takes a strategic approach to their long term productivity.


Discussion paper

This is step one of developing a Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan. It's designed to kick-start a conversation about what growth could look like. A Discussion Paper for the Illawarra was released in August 2013 and was accompanied by extensive community consultation. This feedback played an important role in developing the draft Plan.

Draft Plan

The draft Plan identifies options for growth, and the actions we will take to deliver homes, jobs and infrastructure. This has now been released for extensive community consultation until 7 December 2014. Your feedback will be carefully considered and help to inform the final Plan.

Final Plan

The final Illawarra Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan will be released in 2015. This will set out how we will deliver balanced and sustainable growth in the Illawarra over the next 20 years. The Plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure we are continuing to meet the community’s growth needs.